Stop Trying to Fix Your Lovely Self and Do These Things Instead

We identify with labels and diagnose ourselves as a way to understand what’s wrong with us. But what’s wrong with this approach? It creates shame, stigma and doesn’t actually help us heal anything because we believe we are broken. These three simple concepts are my prescription as a Self Diagnoses Expert for moving out of stuck and hopeless and broken into health, happiness and peace of mind.

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wendy holthausComment
When Self-Help Tactics Become Self-Terroristic

Women in toxic love relationships are some of the most self-critical people I know. We set out to improve ourselves by striving, studying, researching and analyzing every little detail which typically leads us straight into self loathing and shame because we feel like we don't measure up. This article discusses what to do about that if it's a regular practice for you or any women you know.

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